9/01/2019 - what a chaotic few days... i didn't want to have to talk about this, and actually this page wasnt even my first priority... but i want to vent!!!1!!!1! i have the pictures and videos of jimin in paris, but i don't plan to post them... as for headliner, that jungkook fansite, she's always been weird, and i guess this is one of the few times normal army twitter has found out about her... she said some weird things on kkt, but i'm not in the mood to translate... she said she'll sue whoever shares the screenshot, so i guess it won't count if i write it out with html!!!


some highlights include: "even if he gives me excuses, i'll beat him up like a dog" and "jeon jungkook, this psychopath f*cker"

in the future, a lot more things on here are probably just going to be said but not explained, yein was the one who sent me the jimin videos... it was the first time i remembered her for months. we weren't great friends, but we did know eachother. me and headliner have had eachother blocked since forever, and it makes me mad just to know that she'll have all of her followers back in a few days. some armys are really stupid enough to ignore the threats and support her just because she's some rich girl who stans 1 group, and only takes pictures of 1 idol, who she doesn't even like

8/31/2019 - so for some reason i only remember this website once per month.. i'm really trying to figure out what to do with it, same goes for my twt :((
i might change the colors of the site, and maybe the entire layout as well !!

7/22/2019 - lately, i haven't felt like working on this site :(((( i'm actually starting to get tired of the pink theme lololol i think a blue background would b cool :]

6/26/2019 - im finally starting to like how this site looks !!!